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Why Not Simply Stop Buying Venezuelan Oil

Hugo Chavez has been one royal socialist pain in the rear for the US, and his boisterous rhetoric is a severe danger to all in his area. His actions and angry strikes against the US are quite problematic certainly. new energy Not long ago, an acquaintance and i had been discussing the issues what uses the most oil of Venezuela nationalizing oil belongings and Chavez’s threats.

He questioned why the US does not simply stop shopping for Venezuelan Oil and what uses the most oil allow them to suffer the implications Nicely, attention-grabbing plan and it might have labored 10 years ago. Do you remember the last time oil was above $70 a barrel, we were shopping what uses the most oil for 180 Billion price of Venezuelan items, mostly oil, but at that time they were shopping for 100 billion in merchandise from us.

The Venezuelan middle class was rising they usually cherished the US. Many might eventually attempt to flea here as issues get worse there. At this time, Hugo Chavez has really damage the Venezuelan economy, inflation is destroying it. So, it is almost as if Chavez is going to implode his political future, even if he blames all of the economic circumstances on the USA.

So, ought to we just stop buying Venezuelan Oil One big problem with Venezuela is that after we stop shopping for their oil they sell it to China. Thus, they still have the money to gallivant themselves over to Iran and Nigeria to attempt to do a power play at OPEC, it is not working but it surely exhibits you the way adamant they are about economic warfare. Whilst all three of these countries are in deep inflationary doo-doo.

air group pairTherefore, whereas this seems like an excellent plan, there’s much more to the story than this, however there are some pretty harm feelings of main corporations in a number of industries now, which have been nationalized in Venezuela, and Chavez has gone out of his strategy to threaten his neighbors and destabilize neighboring governments. So, there is much more at play than meets the attention. Please consider all this.

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