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Heating Fuels – Propane Vs Oil

Update: This is a popular article written several years ago. Whereas pricing may have modified the fundamental comparison nonetheless holds true at present.

Heating Gasoline – Propane Vs. Oil
Once we built our new house considered one of the big selections I needed to make was what type of heating gasoline to use. Ought to we use the normal oil heat that over 90% of individuals in New England depend on Or should we use propane (pure gas just isn’t available here on this a part of NH).

The reply to that question is fairly complicated while you sit down and think about it. For us I already what is price of crude oil today knew we’d have propane within the house to cook with and for our direct vent fire place. For me certainly one of my largest considerations with oil was having an oil tank in my basement that could potentially leak some day.

The other big issue to contemplate was venting the 2 different types of fuel. An oil fired boiler would require either a direct vent out the aspect of the home (this is actually ugly, stains the house and will get quite scorching) or a traditional chimney. Today’s trendy gasoline boilers assist you to vent the furnace via common PVC pipe up by the roof or wall. To make an extended story quick I chose the gasoline boiler. The biggest causes I chose it was the lack of an oil tank, the venting by way of the roof and the power to have a high efficiency boiler.

One thing I actually didn’t investigate all that a lot was a price evaluation of the two fuels. So after last winter and my reasonably excessive fuel payments I did some research on the comparability of the gas costs. It’s not so simple as comparing the worth per gallon of the 2 fuels. At present (2007) the place I stay a gallon of gasoline oil costs $2.Sixty nine while a gallon of propane costs $1.Ninety three. So on the face of it propane seems like an enormous bargain to the laymen. The true difficulty nonetheless is the vitality that one gallon of every fuel can produce. Gasoline oil can generate roughly 130,000 BTU’s whereas propane is approximately ninety five,000 BTU’s. Nonetheless, most oil boilers average about eighty five% efficiency at finest while the gasoline boilers can produce an effectivity of 95% or extra.

Using this information I tried to give you the associated fee per BTU for each varieties of gasoline with the assumptions above.

Gasoline OIL: 130,000 BTU * eighty five% / $2.69 = forty one,078 BTU’s per dollar
PROPANE: 95,000 BTU * ninety five% / $1.93 = forty six,762 BTU’s per dollar

So in what is price of crude oil today this example the propane is slightly extra value effective. Now let me give a big disclaimer here. When you ask a bunch of heating of us most will tell you that typically oil is a greater deal. It is dependent upon so many variables and the precise gear concerned. For me what it tells me is the 2 fuels actually are pretty related in price per BTU.

For me the truth that I’m burning a cleaner gas, my boiler has nearly zero maintenance, I haven’t any oil tank to leak, I’ve just water vapor and carbon monoxide exiting my vent, and that i wanted propane anyway to cook with and run my fire place, the choice nonetheless seems to be the correct one for us. I encourage you to have a look at these points next time you choose a new heating system for your home.

One other Pro that is usually missed with regard to utilizing propane over oil is tank measurement. Usually propane customers will have a larger tank than an oil person. Homeowners usually have 500 to 1,000 gallon propane tanks while most customary oil tanks are 275 to 400 gallon. On the floor this doesn’t appear to make a distinction however it might probably have a huge effect.

I wish to fill up my propane tank in the summer season when gas costs are historically decrease than in the course of the winter. The larger tank permits me to purchase extra propane at a lower worth than I may if I used to be filling up the smaller oil tank during the summer season. For those who own a 1,000 gallon propane tank that can make an enormous difference at the end of the yr.

Would you want a propane vs oil calculator (spreadsheet) If that’s the case take a look at our Oil Vs Propane Gas Calculator.