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Climate Change This Week: Requiem For A Reef, Growing Divestment, And Extra!

What constitutes prudent administration of institutional funds.

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If AGs spell out the risks in “interpretive releases”,
Institutions won’t be able to disregard it.
Longstreth thinks the AGs of CA, MA, and NY will be receptive.

OO California’s Underground Drought Solution:
Create Carbon-Rich, Water-Retaining Soils – by decreasing tillage and chemical fertilizers, and leaving crop residues to up the soil’s organic content material. which increases its water retention.

As USDA soil scientist Tony Rolfe notes, “If you increase soil organic matter by 1 %, it can save you 25,000 gallons of water per acre from being used … And the more you’ll be able to store natural carbon in the soil, the much less carbon dioxide is launched, which also helps with local weather and carbon sequestration.”

He notes that we rely upon soil for meals, clothes, wood, moreover storing carbon.
Source guttercleaningtips.com

OO Water Conservation Has Saved Vitality, Minimize Greenhouse Gasoline Emissions – a new examine finds, saving vital amounts of electricity and decreased greenhouse gas emissions in California.
OO Buildings That Breathe, Grow, Burn Calories
— And Save Power – a revolution in architecture is occurring as designers work out smart methods for buildings to average their local weather with a minimal of power. Algae, anybody

In the Works: A US Sustainable Town Babcock Ranch is being deliberate on an 18,000-acre of Florida land.

OO Florida: Small City Can have Self-Driving Cars And Run Fully On Photo voltaic
Bronzeville to Shine in a wise Grid Change to this previous poor Chicago neighborhood by the native utility giant.

OO Power Future: Massive Utility Plans A wise Grid Change
To a Poor Nieghborhood in Chicago as a first take a look at on a system that would improve folks’s lives and level out how the utility can survive in a quickly altering power panorama.
OO National Deep Decarbonization Pathways Needed For Efficient Climate Coverage – constraining world temperaturerise to underneath 2C will require halving energy system emissions by 2050, and stopping them solely by 2100.

The Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Project has outlined how sixteen international locations – masking 74% of worldwide energy emissions – can restrain their own emissions while sustaining growth aspirations.
OO Drought-Parched Zambia Turns To Photo voltaic Powered Water Wells – freeing up adults and children, who can examine, somewhat than collect water.


From This … To This. The devastation of this reef, probably the most lovely undersea wonders of the world, will not recuperate in our youngsters’s lifetimes, if ever. Diving photographers were saturated with the stench of rotting corals.

OO The good Barrier Reef: Nearly A Quarter of All Corals Just Killed,
The remaining In Danger because of hot waters that stressed, bleached then killed the corals; the remaining are endangered from persevering with local weather change and pollution.

An space the dimensions of Scotland is basically lifeless.
Large Clams, Too: Beautiful in Life, Starving, then Bleached and Useless – like corals, these Great Barrier big clams can get heat harassed, ejecting the algae they rely on, and then endure a gradual, starving, bleaching demise.

Surveys have revealed that ninety+ % of the nearly three,000 particular person reefs making up the good Barrier have been touched by bleaching, and virtually a quarter – 22% – of coral over your entire Great Barrier Reef has been killed by this bleaching event.

Main Great Barrier Coral Analysis Terry Hughes: “Coral bleaching has changed the reef without end.” Large bleached areas are visible in the aerial overviews here.

Humanity Murdered This Undersea Wonderland and we noticed it coming:
– The first indicators of worrisome bleaching occurred right here in 1979;
– The 1998 excessive bleaching, helped by an intense El Nino, destroyed 16 % of all reefs;
– Noticeable bleaching occurred in 2002;
– Now, 2016 extreme bleaching, also helped by an intense El Nino, has destroyed far more than in 1979.

Lights Winking Out – the beautiful living lavender coral has almost disappeared, as burdened corals bleach (to left of lavender), then die and are coated by brown algae (most of the remainder). Supply reefbuilders.com

OO Reefers’ Eye View Of Dying Corals Of The great Barrier Reef – the nutrients given off by so many dead corals further gas the algae rising over them, preventing future corals from growing.

All Varieties of Coral Are Bleaching and Dying including delicate corals, which merely dissolve. A brown curtain of algae descends over the bleached mid coral; on both aspect, colorful stay corals show signs of an encroaching white death. Source reefbuilders.com

OO Authorities Pledges $1 Billion To avoid wasting Nice Barrier Reef – a laughably small quantity given the scope of the issue, but a begin have to be made…

Considered one of Many Coral Graveyards on the great Barrier Reef. Supply the Ocean Company
@@ Coral Graveyard: the great Barrier Reef has many extra photographs of the devastation.
Related Headline:

@@ Australia’s Coral Cemetery – but extra dramatic photos of the devastation.
OO How The good Barrier Reef Obtained Polluted –
From Farms And Fossil Fuels To Filthy Propaganda

OO Overfishing And Pollution Kill Corals In A Warming World – Takeaways:
– Several types of pollution – sewage, industrial, farming – weaken reefs;
– Oxybenzone* sunscreen from snorkelers is lethal to corals at sixty two parts per Trillion;
– Overfishing removes algae eaters, allowing algae to cowl weakened corals;
– Weaken reefs are more weak to damage and death from local weather change heat stress.
– Any combination of those harmful results can kill corals and let algae overrun the reef.**

Parrotfish: From Protector to Predator of Corals – normal benign nibbling of corals by the fish, which additionally eat coral competitors, can kill corals via bacterial infections from sewage pollution. Credit score Waywuwei at flickr

** For instance, parrotfish sometimes what is crude oil ban nip off coral for calcium, and the coral heals; farm runoff or sewage additionally carry large amounts of micro organism; when nutrient wealthy pollution is present, most corals die from bacterial infection of their parrotfish wounds.

Credit score Paul Horn at InsideClimate News
OO As Coral Bleaching Goes Global, Scientists Fear Worst Is Yet To come – Takeaways:

– Corals are essential ocean nurseries, nurturing as much as 25% of all marine species;
– about 275 million people rely immediately on reefs for livelihoods and meals;
– scorching waters have brought about essentially the most widespread bleaching of corals ever recorded;

– reefs near 38 nations and over half the southern hemisphere are affected;
– bleaching is affecting beforehand unaffected reefs.

– Surviving corals emerged weakened, and extra more likely to die from future bleaching.
– Under continued international warming, half of all reefs will die by 2050; Ninety% will die by 2100.

Climate Leaders Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and Barack Obama, US President are pushing to ratify the Paris climate deal.

OO US And India Vow To Push To Ratify Paris Climate Deal
OO The US And India Progress On Climate Changing HFC Gases – a well-liked coolant used in air conditioners, and 10,000 times more practical at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.

OO US Coal Production Plummets To Lowest Level In 35 Years
OO Huge Oil’s Footprint In Washington Shrinks With Worth Of Crude
OO BP: World Coal Use Fell By Largest Recorded Margin In 2015

OO The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels For Electricity Coal and gas will start their terminal decline in lower than a decade, says a new BNEF analysis.

OO The Rising Opportunity for Residential Energy Storage in the US
A lot Prettier Than Natural Gas Source www.pv-journal.com

OO Unlikely Casualty In California’s Renewable Energy Increase: Natural Fuel as an unexpected oversupply of natural gasoline collides with a surge in photo voltaic.
OO $38 Billion Financial Profit From EPA’s Carbon Rule says a brand new study.

OO UK Electricity Is Safe With out Coal, Says Conservative Thinktank
Water Scarcity, Battle and Refugee Exodus are the strongest mega-developments in West Asia, indicating their status and how these components might shape the future.

OO Water Scarcity May Impact West Asian Credit Rankings
OO Guess What Else Local weather Change Hurts Globalization – Supply chains now crisscross the globe, and most start the place it’s hottest.

Greater than a quarter of the world’s population lives near the shoreline.
OO World’s Population Very Slowly Backing Away
From Harmful Coasts
OO San Francisco Bay Space Flood Prevention Tax will be used to lower flood threat by restoring wetlands.

As Waters Recede, Climate Change Hyperlinks Are Forged indicating the flooding was tied to international warming.

OO Paris Deluge Made Up to ninety% More Likely By Local weather Change, scientists say
OO Paris Floods Had been ‘Straight’ Tied To World Warming says a brand new study, exhibiting that world warming made the floods way more likely compared to a climate not warmed by fossil gas emissions. Previous rainfall records helped.
OO Climate Change Correlated to Zika, Ebhola Outbreaks – permitting scientists to develop a mannequin for predicting outbreaks based mostly on modifications in local weather.

Source www.siemens.com
OO Vitality Firms Urge EU To Back Offshore Wind
OO UN Asks Governments For 2050 Plans To Section Out Coal, Oil And Gasoline
OO EU Says Seeks Swift Ratification Of Paris Climate Accord

Source www.usatoday.com
OO Air Pollution Now Major Contributor To Stroke,
Global Examine Finds – up to at least one third of them. Microscopic particles, a lot of which are generated by diesel exhausts, have been shown to trigger clotting, which can lead to a stroke.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Growth has warned that fossil fueled air pollution, has develop into a “terrifying” downside, set to trigger as many as 9 million premature deaths yearly over the subsequent 4 a long time. Financial costs are likely to rise to $2.6 Trillion.
OO Air Pollution Cuts Life Of Indians By Common 3.Four Years says a brand new study.

Source www.laprogressive.com
OO Methane Emissions Are Extraordinarily Harmful – and the US authorities won’t understand how much there may be.
OO Regulators Concern $1 Billion Coal what is crude oil ban Cleanup Invoice For Taxpayers and are wrangling with bankrupt coal companies to set aside sufficient money for the cleanup.

Everglades Ensures Clean Water to Tens of millions – now think about it, and this resident spoonbill, covered in oil.

OO Controversial Everglades Oil Nicely Plan Transferring Forward
OO UK Oil Sector Job Losses ‘To succeed in 120,000 By Finish Of 12 months’

@@ Fantasy vs Truth: The large Worth of Contraception is an incisive, heartfelt recognition of the value of contraception by Sarah Brown, CEO, The National Marketing campaign to prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
Unintended Pregnancy Costs US Taxpayers:

Unintended Pregnancies Value US Taxypayers Nearly $eleven Billion Yearly
-the Guttmacher Institute
Teen Childbearing Alone Price US Taxpayers $9+ Billion In 2010
And the costs of elevating a child often ensures a long time, if not a life, of poverty for its mom.
– US Centers for Disease Management and Prevention

OO Photo voltaic Made Up Two-Thirds of recent Electric Producing Capability in the US
In 2016’s First Quarter
OO Unemployed US Oil Employees Discover New Dwelling in Photo voltaic Industry
OO Solar Will Exchange Almost All Retiring Coal In Texas

OO A million New Solar Properties Projected With India-U.S. Announcement
OO California Calls for Photo voltaic to meet Natural Gas Shortfall
OO UK Solar Electricity Outproduced Coal for the Month of Could

Daily Local weather Change: World Map of Unusual Temperatures, June 21, 2016
Trying above at current temperature anomalies, a lot of the US and the waters surrounding it, are experiencing hotter than normal temperatures: the japanese Pacific heat spot continues to prevent a lot rain from reaching California, sending it into further drought.

Every day is Earth Day, people, as I was reminded by this wild flower I photographed one spring. Making the U.S. a global clear energy chief will ensure a heck of much more jobs, and a clear, protected future. If you would like to hitch the increasing numbers of people that want to inform Congress that they will vote for clear power candidates you’ll be able to accomplish that petroleum equipment service here. It is our approach of letting Congress know there’s a robust clean energy voting bloc on the market. For extra detailed summaries of the above and different climate change gadgets, audio podcasts and texts are freely available.