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Crude Oil Definition And Meaning

A thousand tons of crude oil has spilled into the sea from an oil tanker.
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The refining of crude oil to provide petroleum generates a variety of by-products. The Braer tanker catastrophe spilled 84,500 tonnes of crude oil off Shetland in 1993. There are plans to construct a major new pipeline to bring crude oil to Western markets.

Collins English Dictionary.
Liquid petroleum as it comes out of the ground is named crude oil. Crude oil is the petroleum liquids as they come from the bottom, formed from animal and vegetable material which collected at the bottom of ancient seas. Crude oil what are oil prices today is petroleum which has not been refined.

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Related wordsCompare crude oil with bitter crude , which is crude what are oil prices today oil with a excessive sulfur content, and vacuum tower lowered crude oil which is oil after it has been processed in a vacuum tower to separate its elements further.Collins English Dictionary. Learn moreā€¦

This was partly on account of a second successive annual drop in crude oil and natural gasoline output. The Solar (2008)This mirrored the sharp rise in crude oil and fuel costs. The Sun (2008)Its principal exports would be crude oil and pure fuel. Instances, Sunday Times (2014)It’s engaged in the exploration and manufacturing of crude oil and pure gas. Times, Sunday Occasions (2016)There will probably be a street parallel with two pipelines that will carry crude oil and gas into China. Occasions, Sunday Instances (2011)

Translations for ‘crude oil’
British English: crude oil NOUN Crude oil is oil in its natural state before it has been oil cracking tower processed or refined.
A thousand tons of crude oil has spilled into the sea from an oil tanker.

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