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Carload WTI Based Gasoline Surcharge

ammonia coolerThe next info applies to refinery tower zhypermu some Union Pacific documents. Most paperwork have transitioned to a new surcharge primarily based on the worth of Highway Diesel Fuel.

For price paperwork that consult with this particular gas surcharge provision, see the WTI page (West Texas Intermediate crude oil) for details on refinery tower zhypermu the surcharge standing.

The following components is used to calculate the gasoline price recovery charge.

    When the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI), equals or exceeds $28.00 per barrel for 30 consecutive published days a gasoline surcharge shall apply. The gas surcharge can be applied until the WTI crude oil price falls under the $28.00 threshold and remains there for 30 consecutive revealed days.
    The gas surcharge will be utilized to the line haul freight charge(s) that make reference to this gasoline price recovery program.
    The WTI price shall be as published by CME Group.
    The gasoline surcharge shall be applied based on the next threshold schedule:

Gasoline Surcharge Thresholds
West Texas Intermediate
Crude Oil
(Worth per barrel)Cumulative Gasoline Surcharge
under $28.000%
$28.00 – $32.992%
$33.00 – $37.994%
$38.00 – $forty two.996%
$43.00 refinery tower zhypermu – $47.998%
Each $5.00 per barrel improve thereafterAn further 2%