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[chemical] Use Spherical Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst Science

HC Network Petrochemical News: Scale back raw materials consumption is expounded to nitrogen gas corporations a key factor within the survival and improvement, and rational choice and use of excessive efficiency scientific ammonia synthesis catalyst is to cut back gas consumption of uncooked supplies is one necessary manner. South of the company by the Institute of Wen County in Henan Province joint growth and production of ammonia catalyst plant of A10-1QACQ (cobalt) spherical catalyst, greater than a decade after the enterprise applications in various chemical fertilizer have made important economic advantages. Former manager of Henan Province, Li Jingxuan fertilizer that spherical ammonia synthesis catalyst to assist the fertilizer business to realize power saving efficiency is a key measure.

According to Li Jingxuan introduced a catalyst for ammonia production and use from the petroleum refining engineering pdf research roughly spherical form up and distinguish the two varieties of non-spherical, compared with other amorphous catalyst, A10-1QACQ (cobalt)-primarily based ammonia synthesis catalyst has ten spherical Advantages:

First, lengthy service life. Because the catalyst formulation is unique not solely the ball exhausting, excessive power, uniform dimension and spherical, simply crushed, so a particularly lengthy service life. Chase Merchandise Company of Henan Province to use A10-1QACQ (cobalt)-kind spherical ammonia synthesis catalyst has been 5 years, and now the catalytic exercise remains to be good.

Second is the “dwell from the” low temperature, good low temperature exercise. Basic A110 catalyst “reside from the” temperature of 380 C, whereas the A10-1QACQ (cobalt)-primarily based ammonia synthesis catalyst spherical preliminary “dwell from the” temperature of 340 C, after 5 years remains to be removed from the dwelling temperature of 375 C, to enhance the net to create the conditions for ammonia.

Third is ammonia synthesis reactor with high yields. If you utilize a superb catalyst synthesis reactor, its exports of gas in the ammonia content material of 12% ~ 14%, the very best catalyst for as much as 16%. Customers confirmed that: A10-1QACQ catalyst in use after 5 years, exports of ammonia synthesis reactor content was nonetheless 15.5% ~ 16%. As well as, from into (artificial) tower circulating gas in the inert gas (CH4, Ar, etc.) components of view, using different amorphous catalyst, inert gas is 10% ~ 14%, while the usage of spherical inert gas after the catalyst can reach 18% 20%, this indicator is currently the leading home and worldwide degree, so that the feed gas consumption considerably.

Fourth, ammonia synthesis tower resistance. Most factories use amorphous catalyst for the production time of 1 ~ 2 years, must cease upkeep alternative of the catalyst. The usage of spherical catalyst was nonetheless less than 5 years after the resistance of zero.1MPa, exercise Ceramic cross virtually unabated. Heilongjiang Ning County fertilizer plant 5 years in the past to make use of different amorphous catalyst, nearly a year to petroleum refining engineering pdf research be changed once after change A10-1QACQ (cobalt) catalyst, exercise of 4 years steady use unabated.

Five is an effective heat resistance. With Common Catalyst as synthetic tower hot 530 C, its exercise was considerably decreased, if the usage of A10-1Q catalyst, particularly with ACQ (cobalt)-kind spherical ammonia synthesis catalyst, as soon as the hot spot to reach or exceed 530 C, after technical remedy can still revert to 480 C ~ 490 C, its exercise was nearly unaffected, can continue to make use of. Author Field gaga has 1 articles on-line

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