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Blood For Oil

Severely, does any affordable particular person still suppose we went into Iraq to steal the oil That was the mantra for years after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and I’m nonetheless hearing it right this moment, though admittedly not as typically.

6 m diameter pressure vessel 500 cubic metersNo Blood for Oil! These were the phrases on the placards brandished by anti-conflict protestors over time, and a lot of people apparently believed it. I’ve at all times discovered it exhausting to grasp why anybody would take such a declare severely, as our gasoline costs continued to climb. If we have been stealing Iraqi oil, why did not our fuel costs go down

I suppose Bush and Cheney stored the cash for themselves, eh Sure, that have to be it.
However now…now Barack Obama is complaining that Iraq should pay for the price of our military effort, citing $eighty BILLION dollars of surplus oil revenues!

Okay, maybe I am just ignorant, however…how does that work again We steal the oil, our gas costs continue to rise, Bush and Cheney pocket the (stolen) income, and Iraq still makes a surplus from oil sales

I am sorry, what did you say I nonetheless don’t get it.
In the same vein, does anyone really nonetheless consider the 2000 election was stolen by George W. Bush I imply, critically. I still hear that from indignant leftists, and even politically benign others. How lengthy does it take for a fallacious rumor to die a natural death

Overlooking the fact that a number of ballot counts have been completed earlier than the January 2001 inauguration and Bush gained each depend, has no one taken discover that every main news media in America, from the Wall Street Journal to the Nationwide Enquirer and all of the cable and broadcast networks additionally conducted their very own counts after the very fact Each depend came up with a special quantity, but in each case, Bush had more Florida votes than Al Gore.

Look, folks, it was a dynamic mess from the second the information media declared, undeclared, and redeclared a Bush victory earlier than the polls had even closed, thereby inflicting many voters to skip the polls in the idea the election was over. From that moment on it solely acquired worse, with lawsuits and courtroom judgments and questionable ways by the Florida Supreme Court docket (and, many will add, even perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court). It was a living nightmare for week after week, but in spite of all the posturing on both sides and the deliberate efforts by the democrats to disenfranchise the army vote…when it was throughout, Bush won. Pure and simple.

If the ultimate count had been by a margin of one, Bush was nonetheless the winner. For better or for worse, love him or hate him, Florida forged their majority vote for George W. Bush.

It was a very long time in the past, eight years at this writing. It is time to grow up. Let it go!
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