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A Letter To Donald Trump From Mexico: Don’t Flip Our Desires Into Nightmares

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Our history and destinies are entwined petroleum products jackson ms in some ways. Migration performs an enormous function in our shared actuality. In the early nineteen nineties I proposed the monarch butterfly as the image of NAFTA, for nothing embodies the need for North American environmental cooperation greater than this fragile butterfly’s spectacular annual migration across Canada, the U.S. air separation oxygen and Mexico. Gray whales, which migrate between Baja California and Alaska, are endangered by disturbances in the Bering Sea, the place they feed throughout the summer season. Mr. Trump, safeguard the gray whales, in addition to polar bears, caribou, migratory birds and all the region’s wealth of animal life by opposing extra oil drilling in the Bering Sea. Don’t enable opening of the petroleum products jackson ms Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to extraction of crude oil and natural gas. Don’t squander unique and irreplaceable ecosystems to get inconsequential quantities of a fossil fuel that will not resolve your country’s vitality needs.

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