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Crude Assay Take a look at Strategies – Crude Oil Testing – Crude Oil Assay

Accurate knowledge of your crude oil high quality is critical in understanding its worth. And with so many producing wells now, greater than ever, dependable data is paramount. The precise laboratory partner is required to ensure the information is delivered in a timely fashion, is defensible and is scalable to your needs, wherever your operations may be. Inspectorate’s chemists and technicians are educated in petroleum machinery houston tx 67 the applying of those strategies and routinely full correlation studies to ensure compliance.

Assessments required to offer complete compositional analysis of crude oil are as follows:
Yields, Wt. %/LV% (Distillation Atmospheric) 15 Theoretical Plates
Yields, petroleum machinery houston tx 67 LV %/Wt.% (Hyvac) Pot nonetheless
API, density, specific gravity
Sulfur, whole, by X-ray, mass%
Sediment & Water, mass% petroleum machinery houston tx 67 (Centrifuge)
Water Content, quantity% by Distillation
High Temperature Simulated Dist. By GC (HTSD), alt Sim.