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Qua Petroleum Refinery Mission – House

Qua Petroleum Refinery Restricted was established on 10 April 1996 with registration number RC 290962, under the legal guidelines of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The company is promoted by a bunch of Nigerian businessmen with expertise in lifting Nigerian crude oil since the 1970s who now want to understand their ambition of diversification into the key strategic petroleum equipment toolsmpany website funding area of petroleum products refining. To this finish, a licence to construct an export oriented refinery was granted by the Federal Government of Nigeria via the Ministry of Petroleum Sources on 5 December 1996. The licence, which continues to be valid, is being put through the Approval To Construct (ATC) course of as required by the Directorate of Petroleum Assets (DPR).

The refinery is being established to take advantage of the upper yield attraction of the Nigerian light crude with its low sulphur content which is in high demand in worldwide markets; and in addition to capitalize on the proximity of the refinery’s location to a prepared supply of crude oil and expert local labour.

The project is for the development of an initial a hundred,000 barrels per stream day export oriented refinery, with further enlargement to 200,000 barrels per stream day, to service the ever growing demand for refined petroleum merchandise worldwide.

There may be a further plan to construct a ten million ton capacity plant to course of both LNG and different petrochemicals (methanol, urea and mixed alcohol). This plant will utilise the abundant pure gas inventory which is currently being flared by the key oil producing corporations in Nigeria. In petroleum equipment toolsmpany website addition, the corporate plans to discover the development of each marginal petroleum equipment toolsmpany website oil fields and deep off-shore blocks within the subsequent 5 years as a self sustaining technique with respect to the availability of feedstock.