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Understanding The Production, Transport, And Refining Of Crude Oil In Canada

Title – Understanding the Manufacturing, Transport, and Refining of Crude Oil in Canada.

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Appears In – Power Monitor Worldwide (Amman, Jordan), 2016 Might 2

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Topics – Petroleum refining (Normal Industrial Classification)
– Crude petroleum and pure gas (Normal Industrial Classification)
– Petroleum (Product code)
– Petroleum & Vitality Products (Product code)
– Petroleum Refineries (North American petroleum equipment services pittsburgh pa 90 Industry Classification)
– Petroleum refineries — Worldwide trade
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– Worldwide economic relations (Event code)
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– Worldwide economic relations (Topical scope)
– Petroleum, power and mining industries

Abstract – In 2015, Canadian crude oil manufacturing and export volumes reached all-time highs, while import volumes and refinery runs reversed current downward developments. Because of this, complete Canadian crude oil s …