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Starting Off With Oil Rig Jobs

Might be could be surprised to learn that there continues to be a shortage of oil rig workers in the petroleum industry. The demand for oil rig jobs are greater than the current supply of workers. These jobs are physically demanding but usually financially rewarding. A job within the oil and gas industry may just fit you like a glove.

Probably the most entry level jobs are found in petroleum production. This is usually the technique of extracting oil from the various reservoirs on land and offshore. Oil rig platforms are used to extract petroleum from reservoirs located underneath the water. These platforms are big steel structures that holds the drilling equipment and offers housing to oil rig workers. The crude oil that is extracted is shipped to oil refineries via sub-sea pipelines.

An oil rig is usually a really dirty and noisy place to work. The living quarters may be a bit cramped, so if you like your privacy, it may not be for you. You’ll however have a place to sleep and rest. Meals are served in the dining area. Normally you work for six months on the rig followed by six months onshore leave.

What are the possible benefits of oil rig jobs
There is currently a shortage of oil workers and thus job vacancies that needs to be filled.
Your oil employer normally pays to your room and board. Many oil companies can give you benefits akin to various insurance and profit sharing plans. Petroleum production is a petroleum equipment and supplies curacao worldwide industry.

You don’t need to have a college education to get a job in the oil and gas industry. You can start at the bottom with a roustabout or roughneck job on an oil rig. You’ll be able to then work your way up from there if you wish to. Other sorts of oil rig jobs that you can learn to do are driller, derrickhand, motorhand or toolpusher.

You might also start your career by working petroleum equipment and supplies curacao onshore before moving to the higher paying offshore oil jobs. This way you’ll be able to gain some experience within the oil industry before applying for oil rig jobs such as engineer, sub-sea engineer, drilling supervisor, mud engineer and others.

Remember the fact that oil rig jobs may be dangerous due to the volatile substances and difficult weather conditions involved in the extraction of petroleum from the sea bed. Up to now accidents and storms have led to people being injured and killed. It’s a risky yet adventurous career path to follow.

There are literally thousands of oil platforms scattered around the globe and there is a demand for oil rig jobs that must be satisfied. Chances are you’ll or may not be interested.