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Honeywell UOP Signs Settlement To offer Technology And Tools For Enlargement Of Jordanian Refinery

Honeywell UOP introduced that it has signed an agreement with the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Firm (JPRC) to facilitate a $1.6 billion expansion of its refinery in Zarqa, Jordan. This enlargement will increase the capacity of the ability to a hundred and twenty,000 barrels per day and can enable JPRC to upgrade the quality of its product to satisfy Euro V emissions specifications.

“The growth of the Zarqa refinery is an important venture as a result of, along with improving the standard of merchandise, it can develop its capacity to 120,000 barrels per day,” stated JPRC CEO Abdul Karim Alaween. “It will help us meet the rising demand for fuel, which is rising at an average of three percent yearly.”

Technologies supplied by Honeywell UOP will include crude and vacuum distillation units — designed by Houston-based Course of Consulting Services, Inc. — for distilling crude oil into varied fractions. Honeywell UOP additionally will present Unicracking™ and hydrotreating items to create clean distillate, in addition to CCR Platforming™, Penex™, MinAlk™, Merox™ petrochemical conference 2017 and petrochemical conference 2017 Selectfining™ models for producing cleaner-burning excessive-octane motor fuels, and a Polybed™ PSA unit for purifying hydrogen.

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