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Save some Gas

As everyone should know gas prices fluctuate, rising more often than declining. There are several reasons that this happens and all of them relate to each other pushing prices higher or bringing them lower. The concept of supply and demand plays a major role in this. Energy will always be a valuable commodity since there’s a limited supply, its constantly be used and over time, as the worlds population continues to grow, more will be needed. Because you cant control the price of gasoline, what you may control is how much of it you employ.

The United States has especially become dependant on petroleum products. US imports 9,783,000 barrels of crude oil a day, while motorists consume 378 million gallons daily. You can see how this trend cant sustain itself forever. For many who say “Im just one person, how can I make a difference.” The small stuff you do on a daily basis, will actually, prevent gas and likewise in turn you must fill up less often. oil prices history chart One simple and smart way to save yourself some cash is to walk to your destination. Im sure all of us can remember a time after we didnt have a vehicle, either because it was within the shop getting repaired, or in teenagers case you have no license yet. If going to the shop or friend/relative only some blocks away, why not take a mike ride there or if its a very nice day just walk over there. Granted it takes just a little more time, but in addition to saving some gas you also get a small workout to burn off some calories.

For the errands or stores which can be farther away and would take to long walking there. Whenever you do decide to hop in you car theres a few tips that will get you where youre going with the least amount of gas spent. First off in the age of technology you should own a GPS system. They range in price but all are well within affordable, check online and do some comparison shopping. Chances are high youll run into a sale.

Most dont realize how far they will get with using the momentum of the vehicle. What burns essentially the most Acceleration, if you may maintain even a slow speed, its that much less your car will have to burn to get going again. anticipating traffic conditions and light sequences, or get o the subsequent light. This will also reduce the wear and tear in your brakes and tires. You may be surprised how much gas youre saving and notice the brakes and tires lasting longer.

Driving between 45-60mph is oil prices history chart considered the most fuel-efficient cruising range. It just so happens that this range coincides with most parkway and secondary roads. A GPS system will show you how to map out your destination, and in conjunction with your “cruise control” you possibly can maintain optimum mpg.

Aerodynamics plays an important role as your vehicle moves. The less it has to fight the laws of physics, the less fuel will be consumed. Keep the windows rolled up and use your cars ventilation. It’s more energy efficient than keeping windows open at speeds over 25mph. When down air gets sucked into the car creating a pushing effect thats called “drag.” This makes the engine work harder, burning more fuel to take care of the same speeds. Roof racks which are used often might be taken off until needed to maintain the vehicles exterior clutter free, and in its more aerodynamic shape. Be certain tires are at 32psi, driving under inflated tires can cause you to use as much as 10% more fuel.

Doing these small things everyday can really add up. Just be sure to make a conscience effort in doing so. Walking when not going far, using your GPS system for probably the most direct route, rolling up windows on parkways, using the cars momentum between lights. Even checking tire pressure are small things that won’t cross our minds during our everyday errands and hectic schedule. You know what though, in case your serious about saving money where you can you will make a conscience effort to do so.