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Gates Of Vienna

Let us see how the key Arafat-EC alliance has reworked Europe. Threatened by Palestinian terrorism within the late 1960s and the 1970s, and by an oil boycott, Europe searched for protection underneath the wings of those that threatened her. The circumstances were: oil and peace for Europe in alternate for a hostile policy towards America and Israel, and most vital, European help for Arafat and the PLO, a jihadist and worldwide terrorist movement. Since that moment, Europe entered into the vicious cycle of dhimmitude and self-destruction by justifying jihadism. It developed a tradition of hate against America and Israel and paid billions as a safety ransom to the Palestinians. Likewise, it opened its gates to huge Muslim immigration in keeping with agreements with the Arab League international locations.

This selection of a coverage based mostly on concern, ransom and surrender, and on the justification of jihad has blinded Europe to its dangers. Allied with the PLO and the Arab League, the EC denied the menace of world jihadism. This denial, basic to Eurabian policy, motivated the appeasement and peaceful surrender to jihadists whereas pretending that Europe’s enemies were American, but above all, Israel’s insurance policies of resistance to jihad. Hence, Europe transferred onto Israel and America the threat of a terrorist struggle to which it had already capitulated.

It is “Palestinianism” — essentially the most cherished European ideology as a result of it’s the very guaranty of its safety in opposition to terror — that has decided European support for jihadist ways. And jihad will not be like several war, it represents an entire theological corpus of battle, with its holy technique and ritual tactics of air piracy, terrorism, oil price prospects abductions, beheadings and killings of civilians.

For the Arab and Muslim world, Palestinianism embodies the ideology and goals of jihad against a rebellious dhimmi individuals. Based mostly on a Muslim tradition, historical past and theology, it denies territorial independence and sovereignty to any non-Muslim individuals. Such a place is self-defeating for all non-Muslim states, and particularly Europe. Palestinianism is at the basis of Europe’s self-destruction. [emphasis added]

The total text of Bat Ye’or’s keynote speech is on the market right here (in pdf format). I like to recommend that you simply print and distribute it to anyone you realize who thinks “Eurabia” is a paranoid fantasy.

And for many who think America is exempt from all this, bear in mind the “North American Union”. The NAU can be thought-about a paranoid fantasy by most people, however it is being constructed in the identical method, piecemeal, boring document by boring document. Agreements, protocols, joint understandings, and many others. — none of them requires the consent of Congress. oil price prospects They don’t seem to be secret, however they are never seen by the general public at giant, and so by no means generate any in style counter-pressure on our elected representatives.

Think about a European Rip Van Winkle, who went to sleep within the 1950s, throughout the heady days of the “Common Market”, when removing trade barriers was supposedly the only concern. Waking up fifty years later, he discovers that a totalitarian European regime has been imposed from Brussels, with out a lot as a by-your-depart from the residents of the nations of Europe.

O Brave New World, certainly!
It begins with the elimination of commerce barriers. Then comes the discuss “the free circulate of products and people”. Then the “harmonization of laws inside the Community”. With Computer-Multicultural indoctrination to grease the skids, no one notices till it’s too late. They wake up and discover that their God-given rights have evaporated, and decisions are made on their behalf and with out their consent by a distant and unaccountable corps of bureaucratic mandarins.

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