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Mark Cella US Oil Reserves Run Radically Deep

US Oil Reserves Substitute Incorrect to Personal Profiteers.
US oil reserves registered as proven oil don’t include the 1.5 trillion barrels worth of black gold enmeshed in shale deposits.

Not less than 800 billion barrels is thought to be recoverable, equal to the oil reserves of the Saudi Kingdom.

This unconventional oil, is released from the rock when it is heated.
The abundance of this resource and others comparable to oil sands in Canada belie the deceit on the a part of the media and governments in fabricating fears of an end to oil supplies.

Whereas alternative vitality is advisable to finish environmental degradation, the international crude oil and product prices scare of scant provide is a scam to pump up costs and pilfer earnings from already pummeled working folks.

Shell is at the moment testing strategies of extracting oil from shale whereas still in the bottom, eliminating the funding in mining the material.

More than 15 billion barrels may be extractable in different nations.
Vast amounts of energy and water are possible wanted to unlock this resource.

New petroleum sources strip sensibility from pump prices.
After all, experiments in harvesting this material are arguably a waste of labor, better bestowed upon using clear gas choices.

US oil reserves dependency is devastating and demented. Oil corporations have held households hostage and what is left of small companies are battling bankruptcy. Partly that is because of the costly energy financial system.

It’s designed for dynamic supply of profits to non-public parasitic pirates that ransack the income of working folks at every step. Different options are of no curiosity to the corporate cartel that controls power.

This means the US is as soon as again falling behind China and Japan in analysis and development of leading edge cars and applied sciences. The small proudly owning class in America cares not. They are allied with Japanese and European capitalists to maintain their quintessential lower of world assets and private earnings.

Mark Cella US Oil Reserves Run Radically Deep
Proper wing wackos argue that US oil reserves are restricted by environmental laws. Progress is prevented from proceeding by corporate criminals. These are the culprits maintaining clean capacities at bay.

They know that real options are their enemy. Energy sovereignty might emerge to eradicate a portion of their trickle up economic fortunes.

Mark Cella on Radically Deep US Oil Reserves
The US oil reserves mirrored in proven oil is indicated as incomplete. Moreover reserves have risen in recent times international crude oil and product prices despite prognostics of Peak Oil problems. Prices nevertheless, do not plummet on the pumps. They are maintained and manipulated. This is to maintain the already filthy rich rolling in ridiculous revenue.

Wars are justified on these lies of US fuel shortages with the intention to shore up management of quality oil resembling in Iraq and the Caspian Sea. Manufacturing is cheaper than within the case of shale or Canadian oil sands. US soldiers are slaughtered and return the favor to different working folks in defense of demented designs for a new Order.

This order pivots on protecting sources for the wealthy rulers of the US political and financial system for generations to come back. It’s the scourge of the planet.

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