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I do know you is likely to be wondering why i connected you once we both know that we have not met or worked together previously/now but After viewing your profile on LinkedIn and your past & your present career, I felt delighted to contact you because Our company (Emirates National Oil Company) is presently seeking for the services of a reliable person or organization to contract for the supply of “Eastto Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate”. Following my company’s quest for competent Company or Individual who can handle the One Year Contract Project, for the provision of “Eastto Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate” from Africa based manufacturers to Port Louis, Mauritius. I want to recommend you to my company for this position.

First, let me inform you that this contract does not really demand much qualification or in Oil and Gas because your duty as the contractor is to source and supply this product from African Based manufacturer company and deliver the how is natural gas used in the us products on the appointed time and likewise note that this contract do not mandate you to live in Africa or distract you out of your present work(Depending on your capability to handle two jobs at a time)

Our company Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) seriously requires a global Contractor in Africa, but must be a reliable and sincere person/company who will contribute positively towards achieving the aim of our project, the development of major lubricants blending and packaging plant in Port Louis, for straightforward marketing and distribution of our products in 20 East African countries, and to serve the region better. The plant comprises of a lubricant blending and packaging unit, a grease manufacturing unit, a chemical additives unit and a brake oil packaging unit.

The chemical you’re about to be contracted is called “Eastto Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate” which our company use during Piping Installation for Rust Preventives.

Responsibilities, Expectation, benefit and nature of the offer from ENOC.
You’ll work as a contractor, make inquiry from manufacturers of Eastto Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate in Africa, make the required product available and supply to ENOC project team/contractors in Port Louis on monthly basis as request by ENOC or its subsidiary. Also you will be responsible to inspect the goods on the manufacturer’s factory, a day or 2 days before its shipment how is natural gas used in the us to our construction site in Mauritius, monthly Flight Allowance from your Contractor location office to manufacturer factory for goods inspection.

You will be paid an Contractor establishment fee of $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand United States Dollars) for one year, you’ll earn $20 on each liter as your working commission and as well serves as your monthly salary. Note that the monthly supply quantity is 25,000 liters (125 drums of 200-liter drum) per thirty days for one year.

The establishment fee of $200,000.00 is geared towards facilitating you to establish or open an office in any African country of your choice or your property country; you are also entitled to Accommodation Allowance in any African country of your choice or your private home country, monthly. An Official Car from ENOC (Newest 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid) will likely be given to you to your office use.

Upon your positive response, i shall link you to our company contract department to learn the contract MOU.

Warmest Regards,
Mr. Yusr H.