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Answering Some Burning Questions on Arctic Wildfire

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Struzik: That part of the world is going to be hit hardest from an ecological point of view. Wildfire impacts so most of the specialist species in the Arctic, most notably caribou. The more the tundra burns, the more the lichen and the forest burn, the much less doubtless caribou will make it over the hump. I’m sure there will likely be small, shadow herds sooner or later, but nothing like the great migrations that we’re seeing now. As soon as lichen burns, it takes 60, 70, eighty years earlier than it comes again and it’s certainly one of the first components of caribou’s weight-reduction plan. They can shift to other issues, however all the pieces points to an Arctic that’s going to favor extra southern species shifting north – deer, moose, elk and crude oil prices by month bison. We’re seeing fires occurring both crude oil prices by month in the forests and on the tundra accelerating the permafrost thawing that’s already going down, as effectively. Once that occurs, there’s no going back. It’s like a domino effect – the permafrost thaws and then it unleashes the whole lot that’s been trapped for a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of years; a variety of it’s chemical compounds, comparable to mercury, that get into the chemistry of Petroleum Machinery the watershed. That’s having a profound affect on microorganisms, proper as much as fish, to polar bears and to beluga whales, and finally the people who stay there.