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John W. Kennedy Company Launches Its Official YouTube Channel

October 7, 2015, Rhode Island –Well recognized petroleum equipment firm, John W. Kennedy Company has introduced its crude oil price today per barrel in 2014 first official YouTube channel to provide its customers with online product demos and other useful audio-visual content. Besides this, the channel may also help businesses learn about safe industry practices to keep up compliance standards while improving environmental conditions.

chloro-toluene tower 72 metersEstablished in1930, John W. Kennedy is one in every of the best names in the petroleum equipment and service station supplies industry. With its line of equipment and supplies, the company has provided thousands of service stations and petroleum companies with standardized solutions to help them run their businesses in a safer manner. Besides this, the corporate also offers expert regional warranty and support services to help clients install and maintain their equipment with none hassle.

To further its aim of improving petroleum industry practices, the corporate has recently launched a YouTube channel. While speaking concerning the channel, the spokesperson for the company stated, “John W. Kennedy Company aims at delivering top quality services to enhance petroleum industry practices for a safer environment and community. Owing to this, we have established our first YouTube channel which can help clients find out about safe industry practices and reduce environmental and business risks.”

Resulting from increasing challenges to comply with constantly changing and evolving government rules and regulations surrounding fuel storage, containment and dispensing, the company is committed to providing solutions which might crude oil price today per barrel in 2014 be completely compliant not only to the users, but are also eco-safe.While responding to a question about John W. Kennedy Company’s compliance efforts, the spokesperson said, “Petrochemical industries, petroleum refining units, petroleum marketing and distribution companies, and gas station businesses deal with highly flammable, reactive, and hazardous liquids and gases which can turn catastrophic, in case of an accident. However, we’re aiming to promote a culture of compliance to prevent highly critical assets from failing.So as to add to it, now we have partnered with vendors that meet essentially the most stringent compliance rules and regulations and committed to creating solutions that ensure optimal protection of users and the environment.By selecting our partners carefully, we’re not only trying to safeguard the integrity of hundreds of companies but protect users and the surrounding environment from harm.”