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The Investigation Of Group Elements From Vacuum Distillation Residues Of Crude Oil By Thermal Evaluation

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Vieckowska J. 1976: The investigation of group parts from vacuum distillation residues of crude oil by thermal analysis. Proceedings of the European Symposium on Thermal Evaluation 1): 363-366

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Wilson R.A. 1988: Isolation and characterization of discoid granules from the tegument of adult schistosoma mansoni. Discoid granules were remoted from the tegument of grownup Schistosoma mansoni by differential centrifugation of freeze-thaw extracts. Comparability of proteins and glycoproteins from discoid granules, floor membranes and the soluble fraction implie…

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Zander, R. H.; Crum, H. 1977: Desmatodon steereanus new species of pottiaceae from peru. A brand new species from Peru, D. steereanus, is similar in closing price of crude oil some ways to D. heimii var. arctica (Lindb.) closing price of crude oil Crum however differs most strikingly in having leaves of innovations remotely spaced, squarrose-spreading, deeply concave and cucullate on the apex.

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Hilakivi Clarke, Leena; Durcan, Michael; Goldberg, Richard, 1993: Effect of alcohol on elevated aggressive behavior in male transgenic TGF-alpha mice. The effect of alcohol on aggressive habits was studied within the highly aggressive transgenic TGF-alpha male mouse. In contrast to findings obtained in other aggressive animals, low and average doses of alcohol failed to scale back this behavior in th…

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