7 Advantages Of Composite V Concrete Slabs

Composite slabs and trench covers are the fibre strengthened plastic various to concrete slabs which are used as lightweight coverings for footpaths, trench covers, highways, access points and sewers. They’re sturdy, durable and robust. Composite slabs can provide the following benefits:

– Lightweight;

– Anti-Slip;

– Corrosion, Fire, Weather, and Impact Resistant/Deflective;

– Non-Magnetic, Sparking, or Conductive;

– Upkeep Free, Straightforward to put in;

– High quality, Strong and Durable; and

– Economical.


FRP, or fibre strengthened plastic, weighs round 1/three that of concrete; yet is incredibly sturdy. In fact, FRP usually outperforms concrete in point load and influence exams. The lightweight nature of FRP allows for a single particular person lift, which might greatly scale back maintenance costs.


Composite trench covers, because of a gritted surface, provide distinctive anti-slip safety in all weather. This helps provide safe entry when it counts, in poor weather.


Composite slabs are confirmed to be resistant towards decay, breakage, and extreme weather. They are extraordinarily durable and resistant towards chemicals and hearth, making them superb in building, mining and oilrig purposes. FRP slabs have been used for steel moulding, plastic recycling, even in incinerators!

Composite trench covers have proven wonderful ends in deflection testing, accepting heavy impacts with out permanent deformation.


Composite slabs are non-magnetic, non-sparking and don’t conduct electricity, making them perfect for use in hazardous environments. They can be utilized in railway gas stations, oil refineries, underground mining operations, ammunition factories and the like.

5. Maintenance FREE, Straightforward To put in

Composite trench covers are very simple to install. Kinetic Energy Refinery Equipment Easy hand instruments can be used to put in and take away them. Composite slabs are also lighter than other supplies, lowering the prices of labor. Strong and durable, FRP slabs require little on-going maintenance.

6. Quality, Sturdy AND DURABLE

Composite slabs are very reliable and durable. They are confirmed to withstand excessive weather. Concrete trench covers will deteriorate with time and ultimately break up, whereas FRP slabs are rated to last in excess of 50 years.


Thanks to the convenience of set up and a lowered need for maintenance, composite slabs are the long-term economical alternative over concrete. Any additional costs at buy will probably be shortly offset by the repair and alternative costs associated with concrete. The lightweight slabs also reduces the manpower and equipment required to finish maintenance duties, additional decreasing on-going costs.

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